Kiriboshi Daikon



​Kiriboshi daikon is a dish of dried strips of radish. It is sold in packs and normally cooked (usually simmered) as a side dish.

This dish has many variations. Some mix hijiki (a black kind of seaweed) and/or wakame, some mix vermicelli, some mix boiled edamame. It smells very strong that's why I haven't found the drive to actually eat it. But my husband likes this, so I keep on cooking this from time to time-- despite the, uhm excuse me, farty smell.


  • kiriboshi daikon

  • usuage

  • carrot

  • shiitake dashi (stock produced when soaking dried shiitake on water)

  • mirin

  • soy sauce

  • Japanese sake/ rice wine


  1. Soak kiriboshi daikon in water to rehydrate. I like rinsing it before cooking to reduce the smell but I'm not sure if that's how Japanese prepare it. 

  2. Cut usuage and carrot into thin strips.

  3. On a small saucepan, mix all the ingredients. I used 1:1:1 mirin, soy sauce and sake but the shiitake dashi pretty much was an estimation of how mushroomy you want it.

  4. Just let it boil for 10-15 minutes to really infuse their tastes.

  5. Serve as side dish. Best with sushi and fried dishes.

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