Mushroom Powder



There are many kinds of mushroom powder. I've probably used 7 types in all. But as I have very limited stuff at hand, I will show you only some of those.


My husband's favorite is this one (see picture below). It usually goes in an airtight plastic container and I know "Knorr" will come to your minds when you stare at the logo. I actually believe it is a product of Knorr but I'm not sure. Anyway...


My husband once said that it tastes like some non-vegetarian food he has eaten (which, apparently, is a good thing). My husband's father, too, likes this seasoning, so I often bring some of this whenever we go home to his parents' house.

One time, my husband wanted to cook ramen for me and he kept on saying 'if I can't put katsuo, this ramen will be lame but... what should I put, what should I put'. He kept on checking the condiments rack again and again until I handed him this one with an "I'm sure this one will do just fine for me" face. He took it, tasted it, and exclaimed, "Kore, hontouni umai ne!" (This [mushroom powder] is really delicious!) since then, he had always used this seasoning instead of the non-vegetarian one he had at home. He now even thinks his old seasoning had very foul odor!


This one (above) is just the 500g version, twice the one in the bottle (250g). Another kind of mushroom powder I have used and liked was a product I once bought from a strict-vegetarian friend who tried to start a business in the Philippines (see picture belowI like it very much because 1.) it's confirmed pure vegetarian; 2.) the product name "Shiitake Dashi" is written in Japanese 「しいたけだし」 ; and 3.) it's not wallet-painful, specially for triers because it was just Php80.00 per 60-gram pack.


However, my friend's business has closed and I couldn't find that mushroom powder anywhere anymore (though I'm pretty sure it's still sold in Taiwan). So what I would recommend if you prefer a cheap mushroom powder is this one:


Another vegetarian told me that the mushroom powder above is vegan (unlike the "Knorr" mushroom powder that my husband likes very much). I like this one because aside from being very cheap, it's sold in a travel-friendly packaging so it's very easy to bring lots of stock from Manila to here.

Next is this one my mom once brought to me here (see picture below); but I haven't explored it very much (mainly because my husband's favorite is the Knorr mushroom powder. But this one, my best friend and I, at least, thinks, is more a vegetable powder than a mushroom powder. Anybody who understands what's written on the can? Yeah, I understand the SuperSeasoning part too, thank you.



If you want to check out these products and many other type of mushroom powder, here are

links to the stores where these may be bought:


Wabi-Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery | map | Facebook | blogger's photo of Wabi-Sabi's grocery rack

Happy Veggie Health Food | map | blogger's photos of Happy Veggie's grocery rack
Quan Yin Chay Vegetarian Food Garden | map | blogger's photos of Quan Yin Chay's grocery rack

If the above places are also inaccessible to you, you can check out the different mushroom powder I saw sold online on Amazon and Lamyong. I haven't bought from them, but I might resort to them in the future. Though for me, kombu powder is a wonderful-enough alternative. 


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