Natto Udon



This is my husband's recipe. He says this is very delicious (and I saw it was true while watching him eat), but unfortunately, I don't like egg and natto so I will have to take a photo of my own version next time-- which means I need to prepare my recipe several minutes before I get hungry next time so I can have a food pictorial. 


​But while waiting for my version, I suggest you give this a try!

**Natto・納豆・なっとう is a Japanese food which means fermented soybeans. It can be bought in packs of three and each pack has an accompanying sachet of sauce, usually with dashi or soup stock made from fish and other things. So if you're a vegetarian, you'll have to use soy sauce instead of that sauce pack.

**Udon・うどん is thick Japanese wheat noodles usually used in soups, and dry and fried noodle dishes.


  • 1 pack frozen udon

  • 1 pack natto (don't use the sauce that comes with it if you're vegetarian)

  • soy sauce (to taste)

  • 1 egg

  • eggplant

  • potato starch

  • cooking oil


  1. Cut desired amount of eggplant into 1 cm-thick ovals, roll it in potato starch then fry in hot oil. Drain off excess oil using kitchen paper or oil strainer. Set aside.

  2. In a pot, bring water to a boil and cook udon following package directions. 

  3. Drain water and transfer udon into a bowl.

  4. Open natto and put soy sauce. Mix well then pour it on top of the udon.

  5. Arrange the fried eggplant and crack an egg on the side of the bowl.

  6. Enjoy!

Tips and tricks
The frozen udon I used is ready after one minute of boiling. You may use other kinds of udon but my husband's favorite kind of udon is the frozen type, and it lasts in the freezer for long so we can just pull it out anytime and quickly cook udon whenever we want.


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