Vegetarian Grocery: Kyoto


I'm not sure how to read their company name, but it goes something like: Taichu Jitsugyou Kabushiki Gaisha (大中実業株式会社). Their store is located near Kyoto Station, about 15 minutes on foot. They ship products to other parts of Japan, you just have to call them. As for now, they haven't set up a website so I asked for their product list and prices but it's in Japanese, so I translated it the best I can for those who can't read Japanese (see photos of product-price list at the bottom).


You can check out some of their products which I took when I went to their shop.


I love this store because not only are their products all strictly vegetarian, everything also has NO ONION in their ingredients. When I say no onion, I refer to the whole Allium family-- onion, garlic, scallion, leeks, chives.


Some of my and my husband's super favorite products in this store are their ketchup, kombu powder and curry powder.



If you want to buy or ask about their products, you can contact them at 075-671-6022 or fax at 075-671-4531.

If you want to go to their store, their address is:






In alphabet, I think it is:



Kyoto-shi, Minami-ku, Hachijō-dōri, Ōmiya-nishi-iri, Hachijō-chou 438

Taichu Jitsugyou Kabushiki Gaisha


Here are the pictures of their product price list: the original Japanese version and my translation with the Japanese version and alphabet version. If my translation was not right, please do correct me.




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