Banana Pancakes Topped with Chocolates


​Jack Johnson, if you know him (if not, you should check out his songs and maybe play it while reading my blog), has a very sweet, loving, manly voice. I love listening to him any time of the day and he immediately brings me to a breezy Sunday afternoon by the beach or in a house on top of a tropical cliff looking over the sea. It makes me sigh and believe that the rest of the world is one and in harmony.


Yesterday, I got an email from a language school who wants to interview me for a job at an elementary and a junior high school. Out of anxiety, I couldn't sleep last night. So I turned on my Jack Johnson playlist to serenade and calm me to sleep.


But it made sleep harder to come when the first song that played was his Banana Pancakes.


Banana pancakes. All I could think of was eating. I would have rushed and made it right then, but it was almost midnight. I ate a lot at dinner and I'm not pregnant so I practically have no reason for a gluttonous midnight behavior. I have to resist and just dream that Jack's making banana pancakes for me and I'll have it for breakfast, on bed, the following day.


So, I woke up, both from sleep and the illusion that I'll have banana pancakes served to me on bed. And as soon as my husband left for work, I replayed all 40 songs in my phone, took out some pancake mix, chopped the bananas and cooked myself the quickest banana pancakes I have ever made.


  • banana

  • egg

  • milk (or water)

  • pancake mix

  • butter (or vegetable oil)

  • Toblerone (or your favorite chocolate)

  • whip cream

  • ​chocolate syrup



  1. Mix egg, milk and pancake mix in a bowl. Make sure there are no lumps of pancake flour.

  2. On a pan over low heat, melt butter then line up the sliced bananas.

  3. Pour pancake mixture over the bananas then cover pan.

  4. After a couple of minutes, check if the pancake tops are producing bubbles. If it's bubbly enough (take note: the part with bananas under rarely produce bubbles), turn it over.

  5. Cook until the pancake's underside is light brown and it's circumference, crunchy.

  6. While the pancakes are still hot, top it with Toblerone (to soften and melt). Then let it cool for about 3 minutes and squeeze in some whip cream and chocolate syrup.

Tips and Tricks
As in the picture below of banana pancakes I made months ago, topping it with m&m's will give an interesting chocolate ooze in the mouth and; sandwiching Oreo cookies would also be nice to give it a crunch.






​Oreo-Banana Pancakes

​In this version, I mashed the banana and mixed with pancake mixture and Oreo filling and cooked as a regular pancake, drizzled with chocolate syrup, decorated with m&m's and Oreo cookies.














This is just an update to this post.

LEFT: I just want to share with you a picture of my 8-month-old daughter enjoying her mini oatmeal banana pancakes!

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