Creamy Cheesy Cauliflower



To those who haven't decided what to prepare for Christmas Eve, here's my suggestion: make sinful foods a little healthy!

If you're like me who's a lover of creamy cheesy stuff, and has an inkling that special occasions should be white and cheesy, this is a good entry in your holiday menu! Instead of regular creamy sauces, mix in some roasted, baked or stir-fried cauliflower in them!

This dish can be a pasta sauce or pasta topping (instead of regular cheese) or pizza topping or appetizer or even a filling for your bread!


My husband, on the other hand, brought it for lunch as a side dish and ate it as it is. Next time I get free organic cauliflower from his co-worker again, I will make some for bento version of this in paper muffin cups, then freeze it for those days I cannot prepare  his bento. Now I'm hoping his co-worker will shower us with cauliflower! I rarely see cauliflower in the supermarket here and if ever I do, it's very expensive. Usually about ¥258 per head. *sobs*



  • cauliflower

  • olive oil

  • cheese

  • white sauce (butter, flour, milk, salt, black pepper, mushroom powder, Italian seasoning)

1. Stir fry cauliflower in olive oil and season with salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning. OR in a bowl, mix in the cauliflower, olive oil, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper then roast or bake them until lightly browned.
2. Make the white sauce by melting butter in a pan and mixing in flour little by little, then milk little by little. Season with salt, black pepper, mushroom powder and Italian seasoning.
3. Put the cauliflower in a baking dish. Pour in white sauce and top with grated cheese. Bake or toast in the oven until the cheese pops or burns a little. 
4. Serve as an appetizer or a topping for your pizza or pasta or as a pasta sauce!


Tips and tricks
It would be wonderful if you have black olives and button mushrooms to mix in too.

If you're in a kitchen rush, you may omit the white sauce and just skip to the cheese part and it will surely still be delicious, I swear!


Have a warm and merry Christmas, everyone! *hugs*

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