Mushroom Alfredo



I'm not sure what a Mushroom Alfredo is, to be honest, but I tasted a mushroom Alfredo once when I was in the university.

​Soon outside the gate of my campus is a commercial building. It has McDonald's and computer shops and an office supply shop and a triangular café.

I don't know why buy I don't remember the name of the café. But I remember its smell very clearly: utter and sweetness.


I used to pass time with friends on one of its three corners. They have very delicious frappes and cookies and cakes. And pasta. Oooooh how I love it here. I've been vegetarian since I was thirteen and there were very few places offering vegetarian dishes even after I graduated from the university. But this café has one vegetarian pasta. That made this café a very comforting place for me.

At first I was very reluctant to believe it's purely vegetarian. They probably use some non-vegetarian flavoring on it, I doubted. But I couldn't smell anything wrong on it, so I ordered one after my friend ordered hers.

​The first bite strengthened my doubt. It's so flavorful it must have chicken or whatever powder. But the cook assured me that it has none, so I ate away. And ordered several more after that while I was in the university.

​Then one time after I had left the campus, I suddenly missed the feeling of one of the corners of the café. So I called my sister and we had a kitchen bonding. That's when I truly believed the cook at the café. My sister and I were so contented and deeply pleased of our own cooking.

​Mushrooms are very flavorful and cream is very rich. Though I used mushroom powder in this recipe, I think it is not necessary, especially if you're vegetarian. I just used more flavor in this recipe because my husband and his friends came over our apartment for dinner and they loved this. Since then, my husband has been requesting me this dish whenever his friends come over.


  • sliced button mushroom in can

  • parsley, chopped

  • mushroom powder

  • soy ham, diced (optional)

  • cream

  • salt

  • Italian seasoning

  • black pepper

  • butter


  1. Stir-fry button mushroom in butter. Sprinkle some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. When desired doneness is almost reached, add diced soy ham.

  2. Stir-fry for a few more minutes (or until soy ham is crunchy, if you like), then lower the fire.

  3. Add cream and mushroom powder. Let it boil a little.

  4. Pour sauce on top of pasta with olive oil.

  5. Put cheese and chopped parsley on top.

  6. Eat with loved ones!

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