Chocolate-Macadamia-Banana Fry


Sometimes my husband comes home with gifts (omiyage) from his co-worker's trip. He usually brings home his share and hands it over to me and says, "Hai, omiyage". So sweet, isn't he?

​But he usually ends up eating it in front of me. Hohoho!

​Last week, he came home with a small pack of honey-roasted macadamia nuts from a co-worker who went to Hawaii. My eyes were ogling and my heart thumping and shouting even in my sleep, ​Don't let him munch on it! I neeeeeed those little nuts!​

I was sure I turned nuts overnight.


​When my little sanity came back, I stared at it and wiped my drool and decided that I should be a good wife and share good stuff to him, even though he doesn't appreciate macadamia nuts as much as I do.

​But I knew I'll regret sharing three pieces to him when I ask him how it was and he replies "I think it's fine". It has happened several times before and, though I usually try to keep it in my mind, a few times I've actually sweetly shouted​ at him "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??" after eating a very wonderful food but he being pleased at it about 51% Hahaha.

Well, that's my husband. Despite me wanting to share all the good food to him, I cannot change him to appreciate things the way I do. And I wouldn't want that either. I love him the way he is, including the frustrating food reviews I get from him. Also, a year of marriage and it actually has turned to be a regular laughing stock at home.

​So, back to the nuts (the macadamia, not me), I thought I should just savor it with him. And savor it as long as I can. Well, you might be thinking, why not buy a can of those in an imported goods store; but then that will not be as special. Also as per my principles, I try my best not to buy too much desire out of my husband's hard-earned salary. 

When I opened the fridge and saw left-over dumpling/wanton wrapper, I knew it was the answer to my dilemma-- this dumpling wrapper and this banana on the kitchen counter will make me a good, seemingly unselfish wife, yet drown in my nutty fantasy.


  • banana, diced

  • honey-roasted macadamia nuts, crushed

  • wanton wrapper

  • dark chocolate syrup


  1. Mix diced banana and crushed honey-roasted nuts in a bowl. 

  2. Lay a small, square wanton wrapper on a dry surface (like chopping board) then put the mixture on about 1/6 of the surface of the wanton wrapper (not so much or they will ruin the whole stuff). 

  3. Damp the sides of the wanton wrapper then fold into half, forming a triangle shape. 

  4. Lightly seal the edges with fork. When all of the mixture have been stuffed in your wanton wrappers, deep fry them in hot (but not smoky) oil. 

  5. Decrease oiliness by lining them on a kitchen napkin. 

  6. Serve with dark chocolate syrup and/or whipped cream. But be careful and watch the fats so share with someone special!



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