My name is Nyam. I've been vegetarian since 2001 and I now live in Japan. I am a self-taught cook (you don't find vegetarian cooking schools just anywhere) and a *secretly* self-proclaimed food photographer (thanks, Internet). 

I am married to the most wonderful person (who has the most meticulous tongue) I have ever known. He is not vegetarian and we have different cultural backgrounds. My quest to please his taste buds encouraged me to start this recipe blog back in 2013.


I recently became a mom to the most beautiful being I have ever set eyes on. She likes smelling spices and condiments and teas and coffee in the pantry. A year or so from now, I'll probably be blogging here about food we make together. Yes, not like the banana she just hand-mashed again today.


I am a mom, a wife, a blogger, a stranger coping in Tofuland. 

So when I'm not cooking, blogging or making YouTube videos, I am cooing or changing diapers or washing drool-drenched toys or spraying/wiping alcohol on the floor and *everywhere* or thinking of studying Japanese again (but not actually doing it. Yet). I am a very busy creation.

And I love my life. Welcome to my blog!